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About us

Who we are

  • B Capital is the first investment fund in Italy and one of the first in Europe that is managed by students.

  • We are a group of passionate and motivated students from Bocconi University that in the late 2022 decided to transform their passion into a real project.

  • We manage a simulated fund that invests in stocks by providing to the stakeholders real letters with the development of the investments with graphics and schemes, analysis of the market and others insights of the economic horizon.

  • B Capital is composed by an Analysis and Graphic team, a Macroeconomics and Analysis department, a Portfolio department, each one with an Head manager following Seniors and Junior’s analysts. Last but not least there is also the Human Relation department that deals with public relations, legal side and publicity about the fund.

  • We managed also a Cryptocurrency fund that we closed in August.

  • Every work that we publish is the final result of a precise teamwork that the fund does with his team, we always aim at the best to complete it by confronting each other and continuing studying to become more prepared and publish the most professional content possible.

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